Show Me Your Asleep Face!

You guys know how much I love to give things away, right? Yes, yes, you do! Don't try to argue with me. 

Now here is your chance to get another something from me, but first, I need you to give ME something.

And that's your Asleep Face!

I want you to take to Instagram (or other various social media) and recreate the cover of Asleep with your face. Use a tree. Use Photoshop. Use expert muscular precision that I do not have to hold one eye open and freaked out while the other is closed and resting.


I've tried it. I looked ridiculous!

Do NOT agree with me! You can tell me how creative I am for trying to use a tree--which I later found out I'm allergic to--to hold open my eye! Everyone with me, "How creative, Krystal!"

Good. Good!

Now that I've used all the Cortisone cream in the house and can see out of that eye again, I want you to do something, perhaps a little safer, to show your love of this amazing cover.

Make sure you tag me (@krystalwade) and #asleepselfie on Instagram, or wherever you decide to post on social media, so I can like the image and vote on it to win--and we can trade battle wound stories over who endured the most pain to do this!

Winner will have their choice of an ecopy of Charming or a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

And in case you need to hear it from me one more time . . . .